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Cindy Argiento, a writer from Greensboro was named a Semi-Finalist in the latest “America’s Funniest Humor!” Writing Contest held by

For her accomplishment, Argiento has earned publication in‘s online humor showcase. Her entry, “Honesty Will Kill a Relationship,” is about how honesty is not always the best policy and can cause hard feelings between husband and wife. “Honesty Will Kill a Relationship” will be featured in the current showcase through mid-June 2011, after which new results from the bi-monthly contest will be posted.

Daily, thousands of people come up to me and ask, “When are you going to make a book with your columns?” The truth is thousands don’t ask, but hundreds do. Ok, you got me, hundreds don’t ask, but dozens do. Enough already, my conscious is killing me, one person asked. One person was all it took for me to publish a book with my columns dating back to 2001. Check out my book page to learn more. If you have a Nook, an eBook version is available from Barnes and Noble.

Cindy’s column “Answer the Phone” which is about her mother’s trials and tribulations with the answering machine appears in Chicken Soup for the Soul newest book “Family Matters” in book stores now.

In September Cindy’s column became a regular feature in Xtra Magazine from Xtra Pair of Hands in Atlanta Georgia.  Xtra Pair of Hands provides services to the Atlanta area to assist people with busy lifestyles. Cindy is also a contributing writer for Triangle Diversity, a new North Carolina magazine. The magazine sheds light on diverse cultures, races and communities in the hopes of building understanding and tolerance.

Cindy is also a regular columnist in The Foothills Paper. Click here, to go to the latest edition of The Foothills Paper.