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For me the best part of Christmas is the lights. We take an annual ride to look at all the decorated houses. Growing up in the north where it was usually cold we had to do a drive-by and view the lights from a distance.

Now that I live in the south enjoying the lights is taken to a higher level as we’re able to get up close and personal. With warmer weather allowing for daily walks I leisurely stroll by the houses whose lights flash on with the arrival of dusk.

This year because of the unseasonably warm weather we drove to our favorite neighborhood, parked the car, got out and walked. We were able to take our time and pause to appreciate the displays. I really appreciate when a tree is placed in front of a window and the curtains are left open. Thanks! The fact we were able to stop and gaze without fear of holding up traffic made this a favorite Christmas memory that I hope will become a tradition.

The Christmas cards have started trickling in. Some cards will also include a newsletter, which just like the fruitcake, is unwanted. I wonder in this day and age of twitter, FaceBook and blogs if there’s still a need for the annual newsletter. When you can follow a relatives every move on FB, what’s left to read in a newsletter? When friends tweet what they ate for breakfast, lunch and dinner, what’s left to read in a newsletter? When you read someone’s blog on a daily basis, what’s left to read in a newsletter? We’ve come to celebrate the ordinary and make our private life public with social media. Because of social networks by the time someone receives a newsletter everything in it is ‘old news; kinda like reading an old newspaper. But for some the newsletter will always be a constant part of Christmas tradition, for it’s traditions that bond families by making the ordinary a little more extraordinary.

My daughter got married this year and now that it’s Christmas time the big question is – a combination gift or two separate gifts? I decided to give one big gift and then separate, but equal (in dollar amount) gifts as I didn’t want hard feelings toward me from my son-in-law.

Getting the combination gift was quick and easy. It was the stocking stuffers that created more work than expected. I got my son-in-law a stocking stuffer first. Next I got my daughter a stocking stuffer. When I realized her gift was more than his I headed back to the mall to but him another gift to equal hers. Well, his second gift exceeded hers by $10.00 so I made yet another trip to the mall. Back and forth, back and forth; this shenanigans went on till I maxed out my credit card and the bell ringer outside the mall told me to just give it a rest and go home.

I decided that next year I’ll give gift cards – everybody love gift cards. Things will be much simpler. Yep, gift cards and a plate of homemade cookies. He’ll love them… at least I think he’ll love them. What if he hates them? Will he have hard feelings? And what if I bake…

A story on my local news featured dog owners who dye their dogs X-mas colors to express their holiday cheer. Poor dog! These must be the same insane people who dress up their dog for the holiday photo card.

Imagine a dog stuffed into a dress, looking at herself in the mirror, turning to her mate (who’s licking himself) and asks in doggie language, “Does this make my butt look big?”

People also dye their dogs for Easter. Just what a dog wants – to look like a giant Easter egg. Poor dog!

What’s next…dyeing your dog the colors of your football team? Poor dog!

But, what can these dogs do… bite the hand that feeds them… Good dog!