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We recently went to a festival where we had to park our car in a lot where  the attendant gave us a ticket which read, ‘not responsible for fire, theft,  accidents or injuries.’  Basically, it was a ‘Get out of jail free ‘ card  for the attendant because if he saw our car spontaneously combust while he  was eating his lunch, he didn’t have to worry about putting the flames  out. It made me wonder if he saw someone breaking into my car if he would  stop them or help them. Upon reading his waiver we knew others would not be made  to pay for our choice (foolish or not) to park in the lot should something  happen.
What gets me are the people who live at the beach, know a hurricane’s  coming and disregard all the warnings to evaluate and stay out of the  water. They make the stupid decision to go swimming or sailing. Out in the open  waters they regret their decision as they’re swallowed up by the waves or are  left clinging to their boat which was ripped in half. And who’s made to pay  for their stupid choice? Emergency crews and the coast guard. Should these  people have to reimburse all the workers involved for their service I don’t  think there would be repeat performances. When a hurricane is coming the coast  guard should post signs that read,’ Enter water at your own risk. We will not be  responsible for your stupid decision.”
At the Bronx Zoo this summer some nut jumped into the lions den because he  wanted to be with the lions.
That’s fine. Only now because of this nut job, zoos should post signs at  the entrance reading, ‘Should you decide to jump into the lions den, we are  not responsible for accidents, injuries or death.’ Let’s just see  how many people jump into the lions den next year.