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Stanley and Alice

Stanley and Alice, a comedy, debuted in March 2019 at the ARTC Theater in Winston-Salem, NC. Directed by Marsha McNeely Hierl, produced by Gill Thornton and Walter Boyd.

Stanley Whitman: Is a lovable curmudgeon with a dash of Felix Unger as he plays the role of neurotic hypochondriac with warmth and humor.

Alice Whitman: Stanley’s wife, is feisty and Stanley’s rock. Her strong and sassy character keeps Stanley and his neurosis in check. She provides Stanley the right balance of tender and tough love.  

Audiences came to love the Whitman’s as they followed them during the span of a day filled with laughter.

My inspiration for writing Stanley:

One hot day my husband and I went to a diner for apple pie. I questioned their patriotism and groused when told, “No apple pie.” Probably, so I’d stop grousing and leave him alone, my husband told me, “Write about it.” I did. And that is how at my age without medical or divine intervention, but rather a grain of truth and a wild imagination I gave birth to Stanley and Alice. Actually, I’ve given birth to Stanley seven times. I hope audiences find Stanley appealing as no mother wants to hear their baby is ugly.