Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way… to Christmas. Ah Christmas, the time of year with choices to be made: Such choices have been the source of heated debate and the lack of good cheer among married couples.

1: X-mas tree lights – white or multi colored?

2: Tinsel or garland? Usually the people who disagree on lights will disagree on this!

3: At what age do let your kids help decorate the tree? The first year our daughter helped all the balls were hung on the bottom two branches. The kid was young and short… that was as high as she could reach.

4: If you’re advancing in age is it a wise decision to buy an ornament that’s a ‘first in a series?’ What if it’s a series of 12? That’s 12 years! Considering your age that may be wishful thinking on your part. It’s like getting an appliance with a lifetime guarantee. Whose lifetime? What if the ticker’s bad… and I don’t mean on the washer.

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