What do you do when someone shows up two hours early for a party? What is the proper thing to do? Do you invite them in? Do you pretend you’re not home? I’ll tell you what I did when a friend showed up at my house two hours early – I told her she needed to leave and come back. She’s a good friend so I was able to turn her away and not feel a shred of guilt.

I have one friend that I tell to arrive fifteen minutes later than everyone else because she always used to come fifteen minutes earlier than everyone else. She’s not a close friend.

I think that deep down the early birds want to catch you unprepared… cleaning, in your robe or disrobed, without makeup or saying goodbye to the mailman who had ‘a special delivery.’

So, I repeat – what do you do? Should you let them in and entertain them? Let them in and give them a book to read while you go about your business? Do you hand them a dust rag and tell them to get to work? Should you let them take a picture of you in your robe, hair in a towel and sans makeup and hope it doesn’t show up on YouTube?

When you keep showing up at parties before the hostess herself, people will start crossing you off their list.

So, if you want to be on everybody’s guest list then be sure you come bearing gifts, be sure to compliment the hostess, be sure you leave before your welcome wears out and most of all be sure you don’t arrive two hours early.

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