I went to a Christmas party where all the guests were required to bring one wrapped, unmarked gift for the ‘Dirty Santa’ gift exchange. I got a ‘Seen on TV’ gift: a glorified flip flop with bristles that massage and exfoliate your feet while showering. It’s a gift I never would have thought to buy for myself, but I smiled and graciously accepted it.

There’s two types of gift givers. There’s the good gift giver who buys a gift they’re sure the recipient will love. They know it’s the perfect gift as they remember their friend talking about it (a good friend listens) in past conversations. It’s hard for them to contain their excitement as they watch you unwrap it.

Next we have the bad gift giver who tends to choose a gift based on what they like, not what you like. They buy you a gift they think you should have. They’re under the assumption that just because they like something then everyone will like it. They’ll buy you pierced earrings even though you don’t have pierced ears and try to convince you to pierce your ears. It’s more of what they want and less of getting what you want. It makes you think – who’s the gift for, really?

It’s because of bad gift givers we have re-gifters. Don’t get me started on them.

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  • rita says:

    Always glad to read the interesting takes on what all of us experience at one point or another. It is always a light-hearted, make you feel good read. Can always put a smile on your face after putting in that busy day.

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