There’s a slow growing trend that’s sure to become a Christmas tradition for some – online Christmas tree sales. Target, Costco, Sears and Kmart deliver fresh cut trees door to door anywhere in the 48 contiguous states. There are certain dangers with a real tree that you don’t get with an artificial one. There was a news story that featured a family that bought a tree which had a snake setting up house in it.

I think everybody has a Christmas horror or funny story. For me it was when my grandmother fell into the tree. We watched both her and the tree fall (in slow motion) to the ground. Gosh, I still get the visual that makes me laugh.

Sometimes you don’t realize how tall a tree is till you have a dwarf (for us it was our two year old daughter) help decorate. We realized, afterward that every single ball we owned was on the bottom two rows of branches. It was as high as she could reach. When she went to bed we rearranged the ornaments. Luckily her memory at that age, like her height was short, so she didn’t realize the balls were rearranged.

I guess for her our tree was equivalent to the Rockefeller Center tree. I grew up in New York and at Christmas time would make the trip into the city to see the majestic tree. When I was a kid I thought there was nothing more magical than the first time I saw the tree.

I guess that’s what Christmas is for kids – the magic; the magic in the sights and sounds, the magic in Santa Claus, magic in believing. Believing in the magic may be the best gift of all.

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