Merry Christmas from the Smiths – Bill, Mary, Todd and …. ? I always feel bad for the ‘And’ person on a card. It means they’re the last one listed, almost like an afterthought. The ‘And’ person is always the baby. I know; I used to be one. Coming from a family of six I was glad if my name fit on the card. Invitations are always addressed to Mr. and Mrs. So and So ‘And,’ it’s never the reverse. It would be nice if just once the ‘And’ person received top billing. An invitation would read we cordially invite Mike and Mr. and Mrs. So and So.

What’s sad is when the ‘And’ person listed on a greeting card is a 50 year old man, living with his parents. That person has cause to be depressed. That person may be wise to remain nameless.

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