Christmas has come and gone and now the question is – what to do with all the leftover candy canes. My family doesn’t like candy canes and yet, without fail, come the holiday season people feel compelled to shower them upon us. They use them as decorations and include them in goody bags. They’re even crushed up and used to decorate cupcakes, cookies and candy. Enough with the candy canes already!

And when did nuts get to be so big for Christmas? Everything you eat has nuts. Everywhere you go – there’s nuts, it’s the must have item!  This year I baked five cookies which included nuts. I don’t know why, normally I don’t eat so many nuts. In a game of ‘Dirty Santa’ people fought over a jar of nuts (they were mixed.) Growing up nuts was always a staple for the holidays. There were 25 kinds of nuts and only one nut cracker. When one had to wait for the nutcracker things got heated. My favorite nut is the chestnut probably because Nat King Cole made them so appealing roasting on an open fire. I get a nice image while eating them.

All my nuts will be eaten, but the candy canes will take up space until I throw them out. I feel bad about chucking them, but what else can I do with them?

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