I got my haircut last week at a salon where I was required to fill out a survey. I found the questions to be bizarre as they were unrelated to hair. Question # 1 one was – what are your hobbies? Since I was in a hair salon I was tempted to write getting my haircut, instead I wrote ‘answering stupid surveys.’

Question # 2: Do you have kids?

Question # 3: Are you married?

Shouldn’t questions 2 and 3 be reversed?

I thought the survey might be used as a conversation starter between me and my stylist. Wrong. Since we didn’t talk about anything on the survey I failed to see the need.

It’s not like seeing a new doctor for the first time and you must fill out a medical history form listing medical conditions for yourself and family members. The form serves a purpose. The doctor looks at it and can gage what 5 fatal diseases you might one day be inflicted with. (He will then run tests which will cost thousands and your insurance company will deny payment.) Nowhere on the form do I need to list my hobbies or favorite foods.

However, I must list my true age and weight… hmm, come to think of it, filling out a silly questionnaire may not be so bad after all.

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