When my son left for college we converted his room into a den for my husband. My husband assured me he would keep it neat and not drape his clothes over the furniture. Well, he’s been true to his word. His clothes do not drape the furniture – they sit on the floor, instead all his papers and books cover the furniture. I can’t remember what the furniture looks like. It could be French or modern, but the current look is ‘contemporary sloppy.’ The only time the room is clean is when we have overnight guests as it’s also the guest room.

Weeks before my girlfriend came for a visit this summer my husband cleaned and shredded papers. Why he shredded papers I have no idea. He gave the impression we were in the Witness Protection Program.

This past holiday when my son came in for a short visit he repeated the process. From the way the shredder was going day and night you would think we were a family with secrets. If he wasn’t shredding he was vacuuming, probably the scraps of paper that fell from the shredder. When all was said and done I got a look at our old living room furniture and remembered why we moved it upstairs. Yuck! I silently admitted it looked better hidden, when I couldn’t see it.

I decided it’s going to be a long time till I invite company over or at least till I get new furniture.

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