There’s a growing trend for people to hold events such as weddings, graduation parties and birthdays in funeral homes. With the chapel being free of charge it’s understandable why people would be inclined to do so.

If you book a wedding which follows a funeral you may not have to order flowers if their flowers match your color scheme. This is why having a wedding at a funeral home makes perfect sense.

Some wakes are a celebration to honor the dearly departed.

A friend of mine wanted to honor her mother-in-law’s passing by throwing a celebration reflecting the person she was in life – a fun loving, fashionista. How did she do this? She took the dress the woman had picked to be laid out in and used it to pick out a coffin. She went to the funeral home with the dress and held it against the different colored lining of each coffin. She picked the one that was a dead-on (sorry) match for the dress. She knew her mother-in-law would be pleased going out in style at her last celebration.

Also, having a surprise party for Granny’s 100th birthday at a funeral home is not only a practical idea, but a smart idea. Think about it – when Granny walks in and drops dead when everyone yells, “Surprise,” she’ll be at the right place. I wonder, since her untimely death happened at the funeral home if they’d provide a package deal. You know – two events for one low price. Wouldn’t that be nice?  This is why having a birthday party at a funeral home makes perfect sense.

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