On my walk the other day I saw a flyer for a ‘Doggie Butler,’ someone to walk your dog and take care of its needs while you’re gone. I guess it’s just like a nanny, only for dogs. I imagine there’s a need for this as not everyone who has a dog has the time to walk it.

I don’t care who’s walking it so long as they exhibit consideration. If you’re on a walking path with your dog and see someone coming in the opposite direction, the considerate thing to do would be to remove the dog from the path. What doesn’t make sense is for the dog to remain on the path while you step off. Don’t let the dog run up and sniff me and then tell me, “Oh, don’t worry, it won’t bite you.” Well, I don’t know that. How would you like if I drove my car to within an inch of you while you were walking on the street and I told you, “Oh, don’t worry, I wasn’t going to hit you?” I think the feeling would be the same.

Recently my neighbor got bite by a dog while he was walking. I call it a run-bye-biting as the person running with the dog just kept going. Unable to find out if the dog had its shots; my neighbor is now getting rabies shots.

But, I wonder in a case like this, if a ‘Doggie Butler’ was walking the dog who would be responsible? It’s like loaning someone your car and they get into an accident. Who’s responsible? Who will pay the bills? Whose insurance rates will go up? Will the relationship last? Who will friends side with on FB?

So, does a ‘Doggie Butler’ have a contract with a special clause that reads:

1: In case of run-bye-biting the owner must and will accept all responsibility.

2: In case of dog pooping in neighbor’s yard owner must and will accept all responsibility.

3: In case of dog chasing the mailman the owner must and will accept all responsibility.


To me it’s like the parent who doesn’t want to claim responsibility for the problem child. There will come a time when you must face reality and accept part of the blame.

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