I had my first speaking engagement today. I was guest speaker at a senior center. My presentation centered on my book, Deal With Life’s Stress With ‘A Little Humor.’ I was to deliver my presentation behind the podium. Well, being a woman of short stature the podium was neck level and the microphone was even with my eyeglasses. Since I didn’t want my audience to think they were watching some bobble head talk I asked who could hear me without the microphone (keep in mind this was a senior center.) Not one person could hear me. So, I did my presentation and threw in vivid facial expressions to hold my audience’s interest.

I also remembered to ‘pause for the comma.’ My high school English teacher always told the class when you’re reading a sentence with a comma in it to pause for a second and then continue. It can be very confusing when the pause is not taken.

For example, I was talking to a friend who said quickly, “I’m going to Bed,Bathand Beyond and get groceries.” There was no comma in her sentence and from the way she said it gave the impression she was going to Bed andBathto buy groceries. She said it so quickly that she didn’t pause for the comma. If she had paused for the comma it would have made sense. A comma can make all the difference.

So, today as a guest speaker my audience got to see a bobble head that paused for the commas. My old English teacher would be proud.

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