I was waling thru a virtual minefield, only this minefield was covered in geese poop. Geese are abundant in my neighborhood which can make taking a walk much like a war maneuver. You have to be on the lookout and be ready to dodge and weave in a second. Today, on my walk I actually debated with myself whether to jump over the poop or skirt around it. If I’m walking for leisure activity and enjoying the fresh air I’ll skirt around it. If I’m walking for exercise then I’ll jump over it. Sometimes I do way more jumping than I do walking.

Come autumn with all the falling leaves walking can get even trickier.  On one particular walk I was going at a pace as brisk as the fall air when I saw what looked to be a crispy leaf on the ground. As I stepped on it I expected to hear crunching under my foot, what I got was a surprise. I stepped and slid. I slid because under the leaf was a pile of poop; fresh, moist poop which is far worse than dried-up, old poop. It clings, it smells, it causes people to cast a disapproving look at you as they hold their nose. It causes you to almost jump in a puddle to wash it off.  And when you’re about to jump in the puddle you see something floating in it, something that looks like what you just stepped in. As you back away you realize that even puddles can be minefields.

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