Don’t you just hate it when you’re sitting on a plane, in the theater or at the movies and some guy needs to get by? In this type of situation there are choices to be made by the person sitting and the passerby. The person sitting can let the person pass by either: 1) pulling in their legs and feet or 2) standing.

The passerby has two choices: 1) face the person he’s passing or 2) turn and face the other direction with his back toward you.

If the person sitting chooses to remain seated and the passerby chooses to pass while facing your direction then there’s the risk of face to crotch contact which makes you want to lose your cookies. However, if the passerby faces the opposite direction with his butt toward you then there’s always the risk of face to buttocks contact; not a good thing especially if the guy rips one in passing. You’ll toss your cookies as well as your popcorn.

But, if both are standing and facing each other there’s the risk of crotch to crotch contact. Your cookies melt instantly in your mouth as you realize that wasn’t the guys zipper sticking up.

However,  let me offer some advice – if you have crotch to buttocks contact and your popcorn happens to fall at that precise moment, do not, I repeat, do not dive for the popcorn!

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