An article in USA Today reported since we experienced the warmest winter in years that bugs such as beetles, ants, termites and wasps could come out much earlier than usual. Also, it’ll likely be a banner year for mosquitoes.

I don’t mind ants so much as mosquitoes. People always coin the phrase, “An army of ants.” Granted when you see one ant, you can be sure there are more on the horizon. And sure you always see them marching in a line, but may be they went to catholic school for ants. (I went to catholic school and when we changed classes we had to walk in a single file, up against the walls.) Despite all this you never see ants with ammunition – no guns, no grenades and no combat boots or helmet. The next time ants crawl across your picnic table look closely and you’ll notice not a single one is wearing combat boots. Sure, ants may be annoying, but you don’t have to wage war on them.

What you have to wage war on are mosquitoes. I thought it funny that after a vacation from her home inPennsylvaniatoGeorgia, a friend told me she had been eaten alive by out-of-town mosquitoes. After I explained to her that since she was the one who vacationed in their hometown she was technically the out-of-towner I began to wonder if mosquitoes travel and if so – how far.

Do they travel enough to earn frequent flier miles? Do they travel to far away lands that they use TripAdvisor?

Do the travel solo or as a family? I can picture a family of mosquitoes flying to some exotic island (with the help of aGPS.) Once they land on the lily pad in the swamp they reserved they unpack. You must understand that out-of-town mosquitoes travel just like humans (only minus the airport security groping.) So, these little bugs carry tiny, tiny, little suitcases which are invisible to the naked eye.

After they unpack, they wash up (hey, they may carry disease, but they don’t want to catch any,) and then set out on the town to find some fresh blood. Only, since they’re from out-of-town they need help getting around town. So they look and look, until they find it. Ants! An army of them! The ants will lead the mosquitoes to a family picnic where there will be plenty of fresh meat, and I’m not just talking hamburger. Now I’m sure we’re all wondering the same thing – are the ants from out-of-town?


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