Two hearts are joined together. Two shall become one. The union of a man and woman means saying goodbye to ‘me’ and hello to ‘we.’  Let me just say that the word we is the most abused word in the English language. I say this because if you’re married long enough you’ll find that we means you.


In the early stage of marriage we does stand for both partners.

We bought a house.

We bought a car.


We comes with a question mark attached in the middle stage of marriage.

We had a baby. Really, we had a baby?

We are breastfeeding. Really, we are?

We love giving the kids a bath. Really, we do? Number 3 comes with a question as well as a lie. This lie is the foundation for the late stage of marriage. This is the stage when we becomes you.


We need to shop for my mother’s birthday gift. Translation – you need to shop for my mother’s birthday gift.

We should mow the lawn. Translation – you should mow the lawn.

We should write out the Christmas cards. Translation – you write out the cards.

We have to wash the car. Translation – you wash the car.


We’re getting a divorce. Translation – we’re no longer we and you will give me half your money.

So, now it’s goodbye to we and hello to me.


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