The More the Merrier

Polyamory is a growing trend. Polyamory is relationships with multiple, mutually consenting partners. Think of the movie Bob, Carol, Ted and Alice. I watched a news interview where one woman and her two male partners talked about their lifestyle. They raved about how great their living arrangement was and how there was an equal amount of quality time for all involved.

I believe if there are two male partners or two female partners that eventually it will evolve into a sibling rivalry relationship. Sure, at the beginning there’s enough love and passion to go around. But, with time one partner will become the old shoe. The old shoe is the dependable, sensible one who is a source of comfort. Mr. Old Shoe will become jealous of the still passionate partner who’s obviously the favorite. Resentment grows as Mr. Old Shoe is placed on the sex schedule three days a week while Mr. Passionate is on four days a week. Resentment will overflow when Mr. Old Shoe is removed from the sex schedule and Mr. Passionate is on eight times (twice on Sun.)

Rivalry blooms as Mr. Old Shoe changes the diapers that Mr. Passionate conceived. When kids come along things will change yet again as Mr. Passionate goes from passionate to Pa. Eventually Old Shoe and Pa will settle into the role of a typical husband. They will pretend to listen when the female speaks. They will make promises they intend to keep. They will accuse her of extreme nagging when she asks them to do something. Both will profess their love for her and walk hand-in- hand with her. If she slips on a patch of ice one or both will let go of her hand and let her slide on her butt. When I’m walking with my husband and I slip on a patch of ice he’ll let go of my hand because as he says, “I’m not going down with you.”

Hmm… on second thought polyamory may not be such a bad thing. At least I stand a 50-50 chance of someone catching my back, or in my case – my butt.

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