Has anybody ever heard of Chi Walking? Chi Walking is a type of walking that incorporates elements of tai chi, yoga and Pilates. By emphasizing good posture, loosening joints, engaging core muscles and relaxing the arms and legs this approach makes walking easier on the body.  If you follow the five steps you can walk with balance, purpose and direction.

I must admit I’ve never given much thought to how I walk – I just walk. I’m always intrigued by the people I see on my walks. North Carolina has a lot of ‘half backs,’ people who moved to Florida from New York, decided it was to damn hot and moved back half way – NC. On my walks I can always spot a northerner, a southerner and a ‘half back.’

It’s the in-between temperatures that highlight the differences in these people place of origin. When it’s a comfortable 65 degrees the three different groups will dress three different ways.

The northerners (like me) will dress appropriately in short sleeves and lightweight pants.

The southerners will dress like an Eskimo in a wool coat, hat and scarf and fur lined boots. The weathermen will gripe about the frigid temperatures.

The ‘half backs’ will dress in shorts, flip-flops, a sweatshirt, jacket and gloves.

I saw a baby being pushed in a stroller by her mother and father. I could tell the mother was a southerner, the father was a northerner and the baby was doomed. What do you expect from a mixed marriage?

But, it doesn’t matter how one dresses just so long as they walk with balance, purpose and direction – be it north, south or the halfway mark.

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