My husband and I recently went to restaurant that offered complimentary dessert. Each customer was allowed one cone of soft serve ice cream or you could have a pickle – why a pickle would be considered dessert I don’t know. Since the cone was two inches in length I figured they were weren’t losing any money on the deal. That was until my husband showed up. Let’s just say my husband is a man who gets his fair share and then some. After his meal he went over to the ice cream station. He took a cone and filled it to the top – again and again. He filled it one cones worth. He filled it two cones worth. He filled it three cones worth, four cones worth and five cones worth. I stopped counting at ten. When done it appeared the ice cream was virtually suspended in air. I was curious as to how he would make it back to the table without spilling any; but, like a high wire act – the ice cream may have teethed but it never fell. When it came time to eat it he licked it quickly enough that not a drop melted on the table. He’s the type of person to get a cone on a hot summer day and finish it before it gets messy. Me, on the other hand would have ice cream on my blouse, hands and nose.

Although sitting across from him in the restaurant, watching him eat his twenty foot cone I must admit I was melting from embarrassment as the other customers watched him. As for customers being allowed one cone, well, my husband proved he knows how to beat the system.

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