Anger Room

Mad at your spouse? Dumped by your sweetie? Hate your boss because he’s an idiot who didn’t give you the promotion you deserved? Kids driving you crazy? In-laws overstay their welcome? Well now you can resolve all your anger issues. There’s a room called the ‘Anger Room’ inDallas,Texasthat is designed for people to let go of their anger by busting stuff up. You can get all your anger out at $25 for five minutes. A person can do a lot of smashing and breaking in five minutes. For an additional fee the room can be made to resemble your office. I think the next logical step is to hang pictures of those your angry with (it’ll keep you focused.)

At present it was reported that restaurant employees and people who work in hospitals are the number one customers. It makes sense that those who work with the public would have stress and anger. I think this trend is sure to grow.  At the end of a bad day what can be better than knowing you can go somewhere and release all your anger; when your times up you’ll be happy and spent and ready to face the world. You will no longer snap at your kids, bite off your spouses head for a stupid mistake or cut your grandma off in traffic.

Wouldn’t it be great if all future homes came equipped with an ‘Anger Room’? It would be the “WOW” factor as some real estate agents like to say and will one day replace basements as the homebuyers must have room. I don’t know where real estate agents rank on the customer list, but since they work with the public I would guess they’d come in at number three.

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