By watching what I eat and trying to eat healthy I eat whole wheat bread instead of white. I eat cereal with fiber instead of cereal with marshmallows. I eat frozen yogurt instead of ice cream. Frozen yogurt bars are popping up all over. When the Red Mango replaced my neighborhood Ben & Jerry’s I decided to give it a try.

The Red Mango, like other yogurt shops have the yogurt station and the toppings station. They also have thimble size paper sample cups for customers to taste test. I try to avoid these cups as you have to suck the yogurt out and most likely you’re also sucking on the germs of the person before you who touched the cup.

Most yogurt bars have three size cups for you to choose from – large, extra large and get out of my way large. So, you choose your cup and fill it with fifteen pounds worth of yogurt. They don’t offer small cups (even though the sample cups are proof they have them) because they wouldn’t make any money. After you get the yogurt you moozie on over to the toppings bar (you have to moozie because you can’t hold fifteen pounds of yogurt and move fast) and proceed to top your otherwise healthy dessert with non healthy toppings. And each topping will cost you as you pay for your yogurt creation by weight. Spoon a pound of crushed Oreo on your yogurt, that’ll cost you one buck. Sprinkle on crushed up Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups and that’ll cost you five bucks. Scoop a heaping serving of Lucky Charms cereal (that you no longer eat because of the marshmallows) and you’ll have to take out a loan. Douse it all with syrup and whipped cream and you’ll have to mortgage your house. Eating your thirty pound healthy yogurt dessert will cost you a weight gain of five pounds. To shed five pounds it’ll cost you twenty-five hours of much hated exercise. So, stay home and have a scoop of plain ice cream.  The price of healthy eating is too high.

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