I love Shout stain remover. It removes everything from grass to grease to wine. Just dab a little on, let it sit awhile, wash and like magic – the stain has disappeared. I even carry Shout wipes with me wherever I go. I found it a lot more convenient than carry the big bottle in my purse and you can get it on a plane.

The way the wipes works is you lightly rub, in a slow, circular motion over the stain. You are discouraged from rubbing the stain in a rough, haphazard manner. And since the wipes are about the size of a credit card they’re suited for small stains, not big ones.

With this said let me tell you about the hot cider incident. My husband was walking next to our new, big, sectional couch with a cup of hot cider when he slipped and spilled the cider all over the couch. Every inch of the couch was covered in cider. He then runs into the laundry room for what I thought would be something to help wipe up the mess – a towel, a rag, a mop. You want to guess what he emerged with? You got it – a Shout wipe. Yep, one little wipe to remove big stains from a six piece sectional sofa. When I saw him wrap it around his index finger I was going to stand back (and laugh) and let him go at it, but I couldn’t. By the time he would have removed the stains from one side of the couch they would have dried and set in on the other. I just didn’t have the time; besides I wanted to sit and continue watching my show. He would have been going in a circular motion for weeks, if not months (bless his heart.) Together we took care of the couch and the wipe sits in my bag and is ready to assist when needed.

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