You put on your mascara. You put on your eyeliner. You apply your eye shadow. And then – you get an eyelash in your eye. Don’t you just hate it when this happens, ladies? Your mascara starts to run, your eyeliner runs and your shadow smudges; all that hard work for nothing. But, at least it happened at home, where you were able to immediately take care of it.

It wouldn’t be bad if it only happened once to me, but it happened again, later that same day. I was driving along in my car, listening to the radio when – WHAM, another lash in my eye. Ouch, naturally my eye watered up. Road signs went from clear to blurry and the lines on the road changed from straight to wavy. Other motorists don’t know this and get angry at you for entering their lane. Even their hand gestures were fuzzy. An eyelash may be considered more of a driving distraction than texting. With mascara running down my cheek I searched for a tissue. No luck.

At home I touch up my makeup and was cutting up onion for dinner when my eye began to itch. Without thinking I rubbed it with the finger touching the onion. Let’s just say, “Ow! Ow!, Ow! Sh..! Sh..! Sh..! It was a slow burn that quickly intensified. For the third time that day my eye makeup ran. Not only did I have mascara running down my face, but it was onion smelling mascara. I’ve cried in the past from cutting onions, but never because I indirectly poked myself in the eye with one. My husband said he craved onions every time he was next to me.

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