I read in Prevention magazine that ‘researchers found that female diners ordered 833 calories at a restaurant when joined by a woman, but only 721 calories if eating with a man.’ They contribute this to women believing eating less is more ladylike and attractive to the opposite sex even if there’s no interest in their male companion.

This is sort of like a woman always wearing makeup while she’s dating her boyfriend. You present a certain image, sure it may be a false image, but, nevertheless you present it. And once you’re married your eating habits will change. When you’re married you develop eating habits for two.

For instance, you go to a restaurant and order one appetizer you’ll both like. You look at your spouses entrée which appeals to you more than your own and ask, “You gonna eat that?” and without a word you exchange plates. You come to expect the other one to reach across the table and take a forkful of your dinner as they comment, “Boy that looks good, mind if I try some?”

You know if you order soup and he orders salad you’ll both wind up eating soup and salad.

Without you asking he’ll give you a taste of his fish because he knows you’ll like it. You’ll give him a bite full of your chicken because he’ll love it.

You share one chocolate dessert with two forks. Your hubby eats a little less than his share, leaving a little more for you which is why you love him. This to me makes him attractive.

At the end of the meal you write your names on your takeout boxes and threaten the other with, “Touch my food and I’ll hurt you.” The attractiveness has worn off and the makeup has come off.

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