An article in USA Today reported that Molly Barker, 51 and Caitlin Boyle, 27 have stopped wearing makeup, styling their hair, painting their nails, wearing jewelry, donning high heels and shaving anything. They call it the Naked Face Project and it runs from Feb. 1 to April 1. During this time they learned they liked their faces au naturel and have inspired other women to try the experiment.

In a society where women are judged by their looks and cosmetic companies make millions feeding off women’s insecurities I don’t foresee everybody jumping on this bandwagon.

Granted, some people take looking good to the extreme. I used to work with this girl who would go into the ladies room during her lunch hour and remove her makeup. She’d wash her face and then reapply the makeup she just took off. Rather than powdering her nose or reapplying her lipstick she practiced this bizarre ritual so she could look in her words, “Fresh.”

When I was younger I didn’t have to work hard to look fresh, but as I’ve matured it does require effort. When I told my girlfriend I bought primer she asked, “You’re painting your house?” “No, it’s for my face. I need to apply it before I apply my foundation. Apparently, it’ll help it go on easier.”  When I was young and fresh primers were something you bought only at a home improvement store.

Why, we’re so obsessed with looks that when I heard this morning on GMA that the man on the Quaker Oats box got a makeover I wasn’t surprised. To give him a fresh look they removed his double chin and gave him a haircut. (Talk about vanity.) Eating my oatmeal this morning, I looked at the box and thought the guy could use some primer. He’ll look fresh for the next fifty years.

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