One-dish restaurants are part of a growing trend where you can go to a restaurant that serves mac-and-chesse only, but serves it 10 different ways; one-dish restaurants offer up a big old serving of comfort food. There are one-dish restaurants for: cereal, baked potatoes, grilled cheese, hot dogs, mac-and cheese, meatballs and peanut butter. Meatloaf was not listed. Meatloaf is the number one comfort food. I guarantee – meatloaf – ‘coming soon to a restaurant near you.’ Only meatloaf is always served with mashed potatoes; you can’t have one without the other. And if a one-dish restaurant sold meatloaf and mashed potatoes it would be a two-dish restaurant. Wouldn’t it? I see now the reason for the holdup. These restaurants pop up in densely populated areas where it’s likely to have success.

Another growing trend is pop up food trucks. Food trucks attract the leisure traveler to the business traveler on the run. A food truck can be a convenient way to eat great food without wasting time, cutting out the restaurant dining experience. Although if you’re on a first date I wouldn’t suggest dining truck side as it’ll also be your last date. I’m surprised it’s taken this long for food trucks to become part of the landscape. When I lived in PA I had a girlfriend whose parents used to buy their fish from the back of a truck. The whole setting was rather sketchy as it was the only vehicle parked in a deserted parking lot and they were the only customers. And when they used terms such as, “I got fish eyes for two – to –one,” I suspected it was a front for a bookie joint. Nevertheless, that’s where they bought their fish and I’d bet they were telling the truth.

And we can all remember the ice cream truck from our childhood. Mr. Softee was the most beloved, iconic food truck known to children. On a hot summer day children would wait to hear the sweet sounding music announcing the arrival of Mr. Softee. Children would run to buy a cone because like a hot dog at a game, it always tasted better than what you had at home. I think these one-dish restaurants and pop up food trucks will do just fine as they’re serving up more than good food.

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