I recently went to an event where the suggested donation was $5.00. Rather than having a donation basket outside the doors a woman with a cup collected during the performance. She swiftly moved from person to person, but stalled at one person who was not forthcoming with his money. When she banged the cup on the table he looked at her and said, “I thought donations were only a suggestion.” She quipped, “Well, I suggest you donate.” He caved. Talk about peer pressure; should have been called mandatory donation.

Why my husband thinks speed limit signs are merely suggestions, until he sees a cop and then it’s mandatory.

He worked for a company that suggested its employees volunteer with a local charity for their annual fundraiser. Employees who did not volunteer were penalized. That motivated everybody! I never heard of mandatory volunteerism. Talk about pressure.

The catholic school I attended would give each student an offering envelope to put into the collection basket at Sunday mass. The offerings listed on the envelope went from 50 cents and up.  You would put the money in and check the appropriate box. In a way the envelope was an unspoken suggestion of what was acceptable. You could donate less, but it wasn’t suggested. This suggestion didn’t come with peer pressure or repercussions, just guilt. Nobody wants the big guy mad at them. Guilt makes all suggestions mandatory.

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