There was a short notice in USA Today about a young entrepreneur’s cleaning service called Fantasy Maid Service that offers nude maids. It reported that police inLubbock,Texasare keeping an eye on the business to ensure no hanky panky is going on. Customers pay $100 an hour for one maid or $150 an hour for two. No touching is allowed. The owner is reported to have said, “We really just clean houses.”

Most homeowners aren’t home when the maid comes, but now I suspect more men will schedule their cleaning service for the weekend or take a sick day. Since the maids know they’ll be gawked at while say… ‘cleaning’ they’ll have to look presentable while they get down and dirty, so to speak. I wonder if waxing services are covered under employee expenses. I wonder if customers are allowed any flash photography. Guaranteed if someone’s paying $200 an hour they’re going to take a picture.

I think it’s only a matter of time till hotels jump on the bandwagon. No, I’m not suggesting maids run amuck, naked in the hallways (let’s exhibit some modesty.)  Once in your room they would disrobe.

A nude maid with an impeccable body would clean your tub, restock your glasses and fill your mini bar. A nude maid with silky, golden hair, lush lips and smoldering eyes would vacuum your rugs, restock your towels and fluff your pillows. An ideal, nude maid will do all this plus listen to your troubles.

As you tell him your troubles while watching him scrub, scrub, scrub the toilet you realize you’ll need to tip BIG.

You now realize my maid is a man. Fantasy Maid Service should fulfill every woman’s fantasy – a man who cleans and listens.

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