The hangers were jumbled together. I tried to remove just one from the rack of clothes and three came off. I tried shaking free the other two. They wouldn’t let loose. I tried to untangle them. They fought me. I pleaded with them. I cursed at them, nothing. Finally, in frustration I threw them to the ground. Success. When the cashier asked if I wanted the hanger I answered, “I fought hard for that hanger, of course I want it.” I was grateful the blouse I bought looked as good on me as it did on the hanger.

I always take the hanger. I like picking clothes up from the dry cleaners because of the hangers. I simply remove the paper covering which reads ‘we love our customers’ and stick it in my closet.

When we traveled as a family I always took extra hangers as hotels never have enough. With five people and only three hangers fights ensued. To prevent hanger theft the three hangers in the closet are the kind that loop around the rod and can not be removed. Are hangers high on the list of items stolen by hotel guests?

Did the guest in room 222 steal the soap, shampoo and all the hangers? Did the guest in room 717 smuggle out the toilet paper, washcloths and all three hangers? Are these guests penalized; and if so, how? Are hangers worth more than peanuts from the mini bar? Are these hanger thieves placed in a worldwide hotel data base alerting all desk clerks with a wanted flyer reading, ‘Caution! Hanger Thieves! Have hangers and ain’t afraid to use them.’ The last hotel that my husband and I stayed at supplied removable, satin hangers. The nicest hotel hangers there ever were.

When we returned home I was unpacking and noticed a hanger in the suitcase and asked my husband about it. He informed me calmly, “I took one.” He took one? Is the man crazy? We didn’t eat from the mini bar because we didn’t want to go bankrupt and the man lifted a hanger? How can he be so calm?

We’ll never be able to go back there. We’ll never be able to go to another hotel as long as we live. We’re on the list. We’re hanger thieves. If we’re in court I’ll have to testify against him because if he goes down, I’m not going down with him.

I placed the hanger in the back of my closet next to the dry cleaning hanger. It looks quite nice.


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