A USA Today article reported that a new dating site called Find Your FaceMate to be launched July 10 uses facial recognition software to suggest pairings. The article discussed why people tend to be drawn to look-alikes and how research has been done to explain why some unconsciously seek partners with similar features.

What I want to know is this before or after someone has had extensive plastic surgery? What’s it tell you if you’re dating a girl with a nose like yours and she gets plastic surgery to correct what she calls, “Her hideous nose?” After you get over the insult would you still be attracted to her? When the two of you break up (and you will) will she then look for someone who has her new nose or her old nose?

I think we can stretch this theory and apply it to pets and their owners. We all know how some people and their dogs look alike. We have two friends who are dog owners and not only do they look alike (although when one dog got a makeover he looked better than the owner) but they have the same personality. One friend is uptight and wired tight and her dog exhibits her personality by his skittish behavior. The other friend has a very mellow dog that has a ‘come what may’ attitude. He greets strangers and family by sniffing and walking away; no jumping, no barking. He lives with a family of mellow people.

Trouble can arise when a person selects someone with similar facial features, and that person’s a twin, an identical twin. The possibilities of sordid scenarios are best left to the imagination. Pause. Imagine. Done? Let’s move on. Now, erase those images from your mind and go out and find someone who looks like you, and if he doesn’t look like you, may he look good enough to be with you.


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