We returned to the room after a day of sightseeing and checking out other hotels that don’t resemble Barbie doll Dream houses. Since I was hot and sticky I jumped in the shower. Well, I couldn’t really jump in the shower as the shower doors are hard to maneuver, being on a slant (like the entire bathroom) and when you attempt to slide them they come off the track.

Afraid the door would come off the track and crash onto me I showered with one hand and held the door steady with the other. This made for a long shower froth with the possibility of physical harm. When I got out of the shower the manager called the room to inquire if the shower was being used as there was a leak downstairs and they were trying to determine where it was coming from. If they were to replace the shower doors with curtains I think maybe, just maybe they might solve the problem.

I paid careful attention to the bathrooms we saw today to note whether they were straight or crooked. They were all straight. I tested out the doors – they moved smooth and easy. There would be no showering with one hand and holding the door with the other. Most importantly, I’m sure the hotel manager would not be calling my room to report a leak and imply I’m the cause.

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