Today when we were in a candy store, at the register, the cashier was ringing us up when a thunderstorm sprung up. Since we had no type of rain gear we decided to wait it out, confident it would be a quick passing storm. We were wrong. As I watched the rain I ate a sample chocolate covered pecan which the owner had available to customers. As I watched the lightning I ate more pecans. As I watched the water rise in the streets, I ate even more pecans. As I watched the water seep, uninvited into the store, I popped pecan after pecan into my mouth. When I finished all the pecans I suggested to the owner she put out more nuts. She did not.

As I watched people on the streets walk by barefooted, holding their shoes, since the water was knee deep, I thought them nuttier than the nuts I ate, as the water held more than just clean, fresh rain. I saw soda cans, plastic utensils and other miscellaneous items float by. I watched as clean water became discolored as it mixed with automobile oil and  wondered if any discoloration was in part due to the horses which are a big part ofCharleston. You couldn’t pay me enough to go barefoot. I watched barefooted pedestrians walk by, holding umbrellas. One’s logic is kind of nutty if you’re walking thru flooded streets and holding an umbrella. I wondered if the owner of the van, with the open windows would go nuts when he noticed the water in his car. I watched as store employees ran around like nuts, placing sandbags next to the front door.

As I watched the rain come down I thought if I had a bar of soap I’d take a shower. Sure it may be froth with deadly bacteria and a nutty thing to do, but it beats taking a shower at my hotel. (See previous blog.)

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