An article in USA Today reported rooftop bars are showing up in hotels as a trend of taking limited space and making it profitable by selling food and drink. This doesn’t surprise me since I just returned from Charleston, SC, a place which has rooftop pools and bars. It makes sense that when space is limited you make the most of what you have.

As I said in previous blogs, during my recent trip to Charlestonwe checked out other hotels, looking for bigger rooms than the teeny, tiny, slanted room we stayed in. I love looking at hotels and managers who want your business love showing you the best room in their hotel. We saw one suite that had a doorbell. Can you imagine staying somewhere with a bell? It was a little out of our price range (I think the doorbell drove the price up), but fun to look at. It was like looking at million dollar homes I can’t afford – but I can afford to dream.

A couple of hotels had rooftop pools. One roof had a pool. The other hotel had a pool/bar which was reserved for hotel guest till 4PM, and then it opened to the general public. A magnificent view was free to all. There were also restaurants that had rooftop dining. I think there was more going on up on the roofs of Charleston than down on the streets.

When I told my brother-in-law about the rooftop pools he told me of a pool that was not only rooftop, but jutted out over the roof, extending over the street below, offering swimmers a view of the street below as the pool floor was clear. I could see how this would be scary to some people. But, I think it can be scarier for the average man on the street. Let’s think about the average, Joe. Shall we? Joe is walking along, minding his own business, Joe looks up and sees a man, in the pool, naked; now that can be downright frightening. Poor Joe!

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