Ladies can rent gowns, handbags and accessories. And now, thanks to two college students, according to a USA Today article, men can rent ties. With TieTry a customer is allowed to buy for one to five ties with price anywhere from $11.99 to $22.00 a month. The ties are delivered with an enclosed, prepaid envelope for return. Customers can keep the tie for a month, or return it for a new one. If the tie’s damaged or stained the customer is charged for the value of the tie.

I think this rent-a-whatever system is great for people with commitment issues (really, it takes an emotional toll to buy a tie) and great for avoiding buyers remorse.

I wound up with buyers remorse the last time I bought makeup. It’s always a gamble to buy makeup when you can’t try it on. When I did apply it I realized it wasn’t for me. Only, did I get upset? Yes! Did I suffer buyers’ remorse? Of course I did! But, rather than crying over spilt milk (or rather foundation) I sent it off to my girlfriend who would be a perfect match.

Renting clothes is great for the shopper who has trouble making up his or her mind. We all know the shopper who shops for a sweater, tries on every single sweater, looking for the perfect one and then 50 sweaters and 12 hours later, buys the first sweater they tried on.  With renting clothes if it turns out the first sweater was the best sweater, so be it. This cuts down on time spent in the store and grumbling from the shopper’s companion. I know my husband would appreciate it. He lives with the belief that the first sweater is always the best sweater.

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