I recently heard about a Divorce Hotel in the Netherlands where couples can check in on a Friday (married) and checkout on a Sunday (divorced.) Your marriage is over in three days. On staff to make the process run smoothly is lawyers, mediators, psychologists and real estate agents. There’s also a representative from Hallmark with a ‘congratulations on your divorce’ card. (I made that up.)

I think we can make divorces even shorter by having drive-thru divorces. Imagine going thru the McDonalds drive-thru and placing your order. “Um, I’ll have a Big Mac, a shake and a divorce. What’s that? No. No, I don’t want fries with that.” I’m convinced it’s an idea whose time will come.

The problem with marriage, as I’ve written before is the ‘Till do us part,’ thing; it’s so permanent. When the first people got married the life span was short. If you got married at twenty-five and died at thirty, you and your spouse had hardly any time to get on one another nerves. It was when people started living longer that marriage was a life sentence and divorce came into play.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, “All marriage licenses should have to be renewed.” After five years if you decide your marriage is like a good book you haven’t finished and want to read the till the end – renew. However, if after five years, you decide marriage isn’t for you (or your spouse isn’t for you) – don’t renew. No muss! No fuss! The two of you walk away with no hard feelings and best of all – no legal fees.

But, whether you choose to renew or not renew, afterwards you can go to the McDonald drive-thru and celebrate.

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