The word noise comes from nausea, the Latin word for sickness. Noise is all around us. Sometimes it’s thrust upon us when we’re sitting in traffic and the guy next to us is blasting their music. Sometimes it comes into our homes, uninvited when a neighbor is blasting their music or a passing car’s music causes the pictures hanging on your wall to vibrate. Sometimes it is invited, by invitation of an iPod. I believe it is the ipod which is responsible for my husbands hearing loss.

It has happened slowly over time that we didn’t recognize it for what it was as nothing was out of the ordinary. When I asked my husband a question and got no reply – that was not unordinary. When I spoke to my husband and got no reply – that was not unordinary. The man is not big on verbal communication, at least with me.

It wasn’t until recently when I had a fight with him because I thought he was ignoring me (more so than usual,) but it turned out he didn’t hear a word I said, that I thought things were unordinary. When I questioned if he thought he was losing his hearing due to his excessive listening of an extremely loud iPod, he shouted, “YES!”

I’ve decided to have some fun with this and at times, look him in the eye and move my lips, pretending to talk. He gets frustrated thinking he can’t hear me. I delight in this payback for all the years I talked and he chose not to hear. I must admit his hearing loss is sure to give me a whole lot of fun for the second half of our marriage. What? There’s nothing unordinary about it!

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