Finished with the living-room, we get the floor for the dining-room. We bring it home and let it sit. Only, with this wood I sense that it’s heard about us from its relatives in the other two rooms. I mean, what else would explain a box of wood trying to walk out the front door. This was a problem. I did my best to give it meaningful pep talks. I explained we were really nice people, once you got to know us. Sitting on top of it (to keep it from leaving) I assured it we were fun loving people. And once I bolted it to the floor (it was still twitching) I assured it that like its relatives before, it was a matter of time till it became family. That’s when I think I heard it – sobbing… coming from the floor. Can a hardwood floor cry? Despite its objections, we began work on the floor.

Once again carpet was ripped up, dust was swept and a new floor replaced the old one. This was the quickest of all the floors. There was no dust storm, character scratches or fighting; although my husband kept asking me who was sobbing.

When it was done, we looked at it and in unison agreed, “It needs an area rug.” I couldn’t believe it – We replaced the rug with hardwood flooring and now we want to buy a rug to cover what we just put down. It doesn’t make sense – especially the fact that our dining-room floor is still sobbing. I try squelching its sobs with my feet, but nothing works. Maybe an area rug will stifle the sobs.

Join me tomorrow as we go rug shopping. I don’t anticipate any problems.

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