I couldn’t help staring. They were enormous and they were right in front of my face – the cashiers’ breasts. I was getting a double dose of breasts – those I was buying and those staring me in the face. I wondered if she knew they were on display. Didn’t her to tight blouse make her uncomfortable? I was uncomfortable looking at her. Her neckline was down to her belly button. If a neckline is that low, is it still a neckline; a belt, maybe, but not a neckline.

It’s only natural that some women like to display what nature bestowed on them. What’s not natural is when your cashier at Costco is wearing a see through blouse, which is cut so low you get a view of the ‘big valley.’

The question is – when does cleavage become too much cleavage? Just a hunch – but I don’t think there could ever be too much cleavage for men. They appreciate seeing whatever’s out there.

From a young age flat-chested girls will do anything and everything to give the appearance they’re a D cup rather than an A. they’ll stuff their bra with tissues and get implants. And whether it’s real or not some will abide the saying, ‘If you got it, flaunt it.’

Sometimes as a lady ages she finds in order to flaunt it, she must first pick it up off the ground. Personally, I think there should be a cut off date for flaunting it, like when your cleavage starts to resemble crepe paper and people think your turkey neck has been extended. When people start buying you turtlenecks to wear in July, it’s time to cover the girls up. Having to look at wrinkled cleavage across a dinner table is enough to kill anyone’s appetite. So, please, forget the peep show and cancel all performances. The girls must go into retirement.

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