Breaking news; this just in. I was watching the news the other night when it was interrupted by urgent news. They cut from the usual anchor to a different one with urgency in his voice. I wonder what would have happened if more breaking news occurred while the reporter was relaying the news that just bumped the regular news? Isn’t all news, new? It is, unless, of course, you’re my husband and have a stack of newspapers so old that it’s already been recorded in history books. Why, just the other day, he asked if I heard of this fellow, Ross Perot.

My local morning news show changed things up and now the anchors stand while doing the news. I hate it. I don’t know why they changed it. I feel antsy watching it. Then again, I feel antsy watching most television lately. Between pop ups, scrolls and countdowns bombarding the screen, watching television is not the relaxing experience it used to be.

I mean do we really need scrolls alerting us to special reports coming up on the nightly news? Besides the news will most likely be interrupted by more urgent news. It’s hard to relax when every ten seconds you’re subjected to pop ups of shows to follow. What really gets me is the pop up telling you what show you’re watching? How stupid are you?

And who can relax when a countdown to the next show is taking up the bottom right of your screen? It starts at the top of the hour. I have 59 minutes till the next show. I have 30 minutes till the next show. When it gets to ten seconds, I break out the party hats and noise makers. I countdown to zero and yell, “Happy New Year,” only nobody kisses me.

When we first got a crock pot, I would walk by it and announce, “Seven hours till dinner, four hours till dinner,” and so it went till dinner. I kept eyeballing it every time I walked by. It made me anxious seeing time just slip away right before my very eyes. Finally, it got to the point that the countdown of time didn’t bother me. One day it beeped, and I let it sit on warm as I was busy watching breaking news, on the nightly news.


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