I went to a bookstore where the chairs are big and comfy, comfy that is, for tall people. If I wanted to sit with my back against the chair, my feet and legs would have stuck straight out, not touching the floor. Since I’m short I can choose to sit with my feet in the air and back against the chair or I can sit with feet on the floor, but halfway off the chair. There’s no ‘petite’ size chairs, unless it’s a kiddy chair.

When I was shopping for a couch, it took a long, long time for me to find one I could sit on and have my feet touch the floor. I didn’t want to climb a step ladder just to sit on my couch. It’s bad enough that I have a stool at the foot of my bed. If I don’t use it then I run and jump (the speed gives me height when jumping.)

Sometimes, one’s height, or rather, lack of it, can be a hindrance when it comes to everyday things most people don’t give any thought to. When my husband gets out of the car he swings his leg out and his foot touches the ground. When I swing my leg out, it just keeps swinging. So, to exit the car, I slide to the seats edge (making sure my tush stays on the seat,) then I turn sideways and swing my leg out. When my husband gets in the car after I’ve driven and I forgot to move the seat back, a string of curse words comes from his mouth that’s longer than my 5 ft. 2 inch frame.

The man does come in handy for reaching thing on the top shelf. If department stores have polls for customers to retrieve clothes from a high rack, why can’t grocery stores have them? If those polls were available I wouldn’t have to wait for someone to walk by.

However, I do consider my height a blessing when I’m at the theater and look at my husband with knees to his chest. I’m grateful for all of two seconds until the big lady, with the big hair sits in front of me. Then I’m reminded my husband maybe cramped, but at least he can see the stage.

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