Oreo has come out with pastel colored crèmes for Easter and red for Christmas and now, for Halloween – limited edition – candy corn flavored crème. Isn’t it bad enough the candy, like fruitcake, makes an appearance once a year? Unlike the pastels and Christmas colored crème, this crème actually taste like the candy.

I’m not here to talk to you about the flavored Oreo, but rather the way you eat an Oreo. One way is to eat it whole and if you’re a dunker, dunk it. The bad thing about dunking is you get crumbs in your milk. For me the only proper way to eat an Oreo is with milk. Another way to eat one is split it in half and eat it. A third way to eat one is to split it in half and use one half to scrap the crème off the other half, so you have one half with crème and one half bare. Which side you eat first is a personal choice. Or, you could split the cookie in half and scrap the crème off with your teeth, leaving you with just a plain, chocolate cookie. Whether you eat both halves together or separately is a personal choice. The Oreo is just about the only cookie that provides many options for eating it.

There aren’t infinite possibilities for eating a chocolate chip cookie. You don’t see people picking out the chips. I do love a fresh, warm chocolate chip cookie; crispy on the outside (I know, most people like a soft crust) and warm and gooey on the inside.

Only if you dunk a very warm chocolate chip cookie in milk you’ll get chocolate milk and your chips will dissipate. Can you imagine dunking candy corn flavored chocolate chip cookies in your milk? You’ll be drinking candy corn milk. I imagine it’s only a matter of time till candy corn flavored chips and milk hit store shelves. Whether or not you buy it is a personal choice.

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