Don’t you hate when you’re in bed, dozing off and then feel like you’re falling, so you jump up? Once I jump I’m fully awake and have a hard time falling back to sleep. Heck, on a good night it takes me about two hours to nod off. I envy my husband who falls asleep within thirty seconds of his head touching the pillow.

Napping is supposed to be good for you as it rejuvenates the body and mind. Maybe I should take up napping, make it a profession. Work hard at it. Would a company hire you if you’re outstanding achievement is napping?

My mother could have been a billionaire if napping was her profession. The woman could sleep anywhere, anytime. She could sleep on a train and not worry about missing her stop because unlike other women who only have a biological clock, she had a nap clock as well. She could and still does sleep during movies only to see the beginning and end. It’s people like her who read a books first and last page because they know they’ll miss the middle. The woman has no guilt sleeping through Sunday mass, only to wake up in time for communion. What a blessing.

I enjoyed watching her fight off sleep while she watched television. First it would start with her blinking, until one blink would become one long blink and then her eyes would fly open wide, like she was surprised. Her efforts to keep her eyes open were futile as sleep always won.

Once asleep, the head bobbing would begin. (We all know a head bobbing sleeper.) She’d be sleeping in her chair, her head would drop to her chest and then it would spring up (like a bobble head.) Then it would lean and drop to the right and spring up. Next it would lean and drop to the left side and spring up. Every time her head sprung up her eyes would flutter open and she’d shout, “What’d I miss?” since she was watching. The finale was when her head did a full rotation without stopping and she would jolt upright, smack her lips together, eyes spring open and she’d look around for possible witnesses. Then she’d close her eyes and surrender to sweet slumber. She’d be in ‘SlumberTown’ for about ten minutes and wake fresh as a daisy, rearing to go. Like I said, the woman was a pro.

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