It was in today’s paper that Gov. Jerry Brown signed legislation Tuesday that will pave the way for driverless cars inCalifornia. The bill will establish guidelines to test and operate autonomous cars on state roads and highways. Gov. Brown was quoted as saying, “We’re looking at science fiction becoming tomorrow’s reality.” This will take place at Google headquarters.

I do believe there are advantages to driverless cars, such as the elderly will no longer lose their independence by turning over the car keys to their adult children, but I also have questions.

If everybody gets a driverless car – do you still need to apply for a driver’s license? If you do need a license, at what age can you apply since you’re technically, not driving?  If you don’t need a driver’s license, will driver’s ed. be done away with?

Can a person be charged with a DUI if they’re drunk as a skunk, but sitting in the backseat? If DUI’s get run off the road along with driver licenses, then liquor sales will go way, way up.

What about speeding tickets? Will they become extinct?

Will your car be a better driver than you? Will it extend courtesy or exhibit road rage? Will road rage cease as cars operate as a machine, void of all human emotion?

Will people with more free time on their hands thanks to not driving, spend even more time (if possible) than they did before texting, tweeting, eating and playing with the radio?

Will ex drivers who let their dog sit in their lap while driving, now let them sit behind the wheel and wear a chauffeur cap?

If you go thru the car pool lane, do you still need a certain number of people?

Will it still make sense to use the drive-thru lane at MacDonald’s if you’re in the backseat?

If you’re involved in an accident, are you considered a witness in your own accident since you weren’t the driver?

These are things worth considering before getting in the backseat of a driverless car. And if you have two people, in love, in the backseat, I think we all know what they’ll consider doing. You may no longer get a speeding ticket, but you’ll get a ticket for doing that. That’s what planes are for! I for one don’t want to pull up next to that car at a traffic light.

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