In the news this week it was reported that drought conditions have driven up the cost of corn, a main source of feed for hogs and in turn the cost of pork will rise. Since there will be less pork, consumers are being advised to buy their bacon now. Really? I don’t see people running to the store to stock up on bacon they way they do milk, eggs and bread before a snowstorm. And why, pray tell, do people stock up on these items? What makes them so special? Why not peanut butter? Peanut butter is good in any weather and needs no refrigeration. All you need to eat it is a spoon and if you don’t have a spoon, a finger will work. But, no, you never hear people say, “A storm’s a comin,’ run to the store and get a jar of peanut butter.”

Anyway, I digress, back to the bacon. I like bacon; the crispier, the better. I like to hear crunching when I bite into it. If my jaw hurts when I’m done eating it, then it was crisped to perfection. In restaurants, I’ve sent bacon back because it wasn’t crisp enough. I hate limp, soggy bacon; if you’re gonna make it that way, don’t bother.

In order to eat bacon at its crispiest, it must be eaten immediately after cooking, no cool down period. You must not drain the fat on a paper towel as it will become soggy. If you must drain it, use a cookie sheet so the fat will drip down and away from the bacon.

The crucial ingredient for aBLTsandwich is the bacon. Tomato overripe – doesn’t matter. Lettuce wilted – doesn’t matter; what matters is the bacon. If your bacon is good and crispy, then you have one heck of a good sandwich.

As deep as my love for bacon goes, I never order anything with bacon when I eat out. Why, you may ask. Bacon does not reheat well. You could reheat it in the microwave. You could reheat it in the oven. You could reheat it stove top. No matter how you reheat, yesterday’s crispy bacon is now today’s’ soggy, leftover bacon. Sad, I know.

So, run out and stock up on bacon before the prices go up and supplies run out. And while at the store, buy a jar of peanut butter; after all winter’s right around the corner and a storm could be a comin.’

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