A story in my local paper stated the Mecklenburg Audubon society wants building operators in Charlotte, NC to reduce the lighting at night to save migratory birds. Many migratory birds fly at night and the lights confuse them. Many hit windows as they see the sky and water or trees reflected in the glass.

The house we lived in Pennsylvania had floor to ceiling windows in the kitchen. Every morning birds would fly into the windows, thinking their reflection was another bird. You’d think after this happened a few times and being knocked down (don’t worry, they always got up), they would stop, but they didn’t. They’re not too bright.

Sitting on my backyard deck while writing I get to see many beautiful birds. The other day, for the first time, I was surprised to see three cardinals in the same tree. Having just seen one and never three together I assumed these birds don’t live by the motto, ‘Birds of a feather flock together.’ Blue jays will grace me with their presence from time to time and hummingbirds will scope the feeder for food. Since they eat mid-flight, I wonder if they enjoy their food; can’t be good for the digestion.

No matter how beautiful these birds are, one fact remains – they’re messy. Every morning, before I sit in my chair I have to wipe bird poop from it. Just think how liberating it must be to be a bird and be able to relieve yourself, anywhere, anytime; no toilet paper needed. Babies come close to having the same freedom, but not adults. As adults, when we’re in public we must search for a public bathroom and even then we’re denied access. The sign in the store window reads ‘Restrooms for customers only.’ Serves them right if some bird flew over and crapped on it.

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