Hold Me in Your Arms

On Sept. 25 Japan opened its first ‘Cuddling Café,’ where the lonely can pay to sleep with a beautiful girl. My question is – why aren’t guys available? Girls get lonely too. Since guys usually use cuddling as a means to an end, I doubt if much cuddling will actually be going on. There is a service menu available if the customer should desire something more than just cuddling.

The girls who range from high school age up to the 30’s will provide a foot massage for extra, and vice versa. For an additional fee the girl will pat you on the back. Why? Is this a customer with colic? The customer can pay to sleep with his head in her lap. (This is the means to an end part I mentioned.) Parents will beam with pride when their teenager picks this as her summer job.

But on the upside, since this job’s only requirement is sleeping, the job interview must be quick and easy.

Interviewer – “Have you had experience sleeping?”

Girl – “Yes, I’ve been sleeping since I was a baby. Matter of fact I flunked out of high school because I slept through all my classes. That’s why I’m here.”

Interviewer –“Excellent. You’re hired. When can you start?”

Girl – “Tonight, right now I’m gonna go home and take a nap.”

Let’s just hope she’s not paired with a guy who snores and disturbs her sleep. Where does one turn if they’re laid off from a job where they lay down?

I wonder if any customers bring with them their own blankets or pillows. Cuddling conjures up images of winter, blankets and fireplaces. The other night, watching television, I asked my husband if he wanted to cuddle. He looked over at me at my end of the sectional couch and replied, “That would mean I’d have to move. I’m comfortable here. Why don’t you come to me?” “But then I’d have to move and I’m comfortable here.” So, he stayed on his side and I stayed on mine. It’s just as well as we would have fought over the blanket. I wonder if blankets are extra at the ‘Cuddling Café.”


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