Rent Some Space

There was an article in USA Today on Oct. 6th that talked about how backyards are overrated. It said that people pay good money for a patch of land that on average adults spend less than 15 minutes per week in and children fewer than 40. The reason listed was busy schedules and media options (indoor activities involving a screen.)

This came on the heels of finding out about the ‘Timeshare Backyard’ in New York, which is wedged between two buildings. For $100 per hour New Yorkers can rent it for a minimum of 2 hours. It comes equipped with grill, plastic coolers and lounge chairs. One is not deluded into thinking they’re in the country as the sound of car horns is a reminder they’re in the city. In New York, where people use their fire escape as a garden I think this is a great idea. Only if you’re going to have a backyard, a fence is a necessity; as we all know that good fences make good neighbors.

Why if we had a fence around our house in New York the neighborhood dog wouldn’t have used it for his personal bathroom. Why if we had a fence around our house in Pennsylvania it might have kept out uninvited wildlife such as gophers, deer and bears. Why if we had a fence around our current house it would have kept the neighbors cat from waltzing into out yard to bring us dead, hairy presents we didn’t want. Why if we had a fence it would make it impossible for the children next door to walk over, sit down at the table and wait to be fed.

My neighbor built a screen house in her backyard so she could eat outside without all the bugs. Then she installed panels to her screen house, blocking off the air. It was stifling. You would eat and sweat. She decorated it with plants, lights and furniture to resemble her house. It was like her house – only 100 degrees hotter. It was like a really hot studio apartment and if you’re gonna live in a studio apartment you may as well live in NY. And then if you live in NY and you need a backyard why, just rent one.

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